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the good ol' lyrics game!
haven't done this in awhile, so let's give it a go.

1 - it's got to be more than flesh and bone, all that you've loved is all you own.

2 - wanted to get trashed, lay down and drink my stash, get up and make a quick dash then bat my fuckin' eyelash.

3 - grab your stomping boots and your pork pie, shark trousers to match your tie, johnny get ready and go ska tonight.

4 - hey, would you like me if i stayed forever young? well, it sucks, but no one does.

5 - sunshine been keeping me up for days, there is no nighttime, it's only a passing phase.

6 - i know that my life makes you nervous, but i tell you that i can't live in service.

7 - something has torn me, karma has rolled me. god is a commie, sweet jesus told me.

8 - red light, blue light, someone's gonna die tonight.

9 - she's not a hippie spreadin' peace and love, don't give a fuck about the heaven above.

10 - love is supposed to make us happy supposed to make us grow, but i just wanna punch you in the face.

11 - she takes pot to come down, yeah coke for the confidence, all kinds of pills if she had the money she would get 'em.

12 - "if we can do it here, you can do it anywhere!" to talk is to brag and inaction comes from fear.

13 - it is unknown to young lovers intoxicated by spring, but when they feel its icy flames they'll know everything.

14 - cause a disturbance, don't let this slide by, do you want to end up a mcdonalds french fry?

15 - i met a girl from area three, she told me that she worked in a chicken factory.

16 - when your rooster crows at the break of dawn, look out your window and i'll be gone.

17 - cause america can, and america can't say no. and america does, if america says it's so.

18 - the time is so little, the time belongs to us, why is everybody in such a fucking rush?

19 - but the world won't accept the way i feel, and the man says that our love ain't real.

20 - sitting in the russian bath house on the avenue b, no matter how much we sweat we just can't agree.

21 - all i wanna do is ride bikes with you, and stay up late and watch cartoons.

22 - and now i wish that i would have said goodbye, but it's much too late, and all i do is give, and all you do is take.

23 - you don't have to salute while i'm passing through, listen to the beat, move your dancing feet.

24 - you build your demolition war, what the hell are you fighting for?

25 - she's digging up the graveyard, black lips and toenails, brand new bat wing at the county jail.
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